We added a few new puppies to our kennel in 2016 and Ryder was one of them, Ryder is going to take over for our Red Roody Boy, Roody is retiring this year, and we think Ryder is a great choice, from the day I set eyes on Ryder it was true love, this guy now 5 months is as sweet as ever, totally loves to be with you, has the kindest of soul and we just can’t wait to see what this boy does in our breeding program, his dad is Keepsake Waffle house, another boy I have loved since the day he was born, and his mom is Keepsake Tickled Pink, no wonder I love this boy so much. He is very compact and also a very dark red. Welcome to Asklar Ryder, we are totally in love with you. Some informal pictures Taken. Ryder will be retiring fall 2023. This boy will always forever be in my heart. As of September 2023 Ryder will be retired and going to live with our friend Jo-anne. He is the last of our reds at Asklar, starting to down-size our kennel.

  • Ryer head pic at 1 yr.

  • Ryder

  • Ryder and Dawn Jan 2018

  • Ryder 1 year

  • Informal pictures taken Jan 2018 a 1 years old.

  • Ryder a fox red lab with his trainer at a public event

    Ryder with Larry Sept 2019