Fox Red Labradors & Lab Puppies

About Fox Reds

FOX RED is another shade of yellow, the AKC AND CKC recognizes three standard colours for registered Labrador show dogs, BLACK, YELLOW, and CHOCOLATE. Yellow can range from cream (almost white) to as dark as Fox Red. For some years now the shade of fox red has become rare because a lot of Labrador breeders are keeping and breeding lighter shades of yellows, and puppy buyers are loving the lighter shades.
Well for me, that has always loved the shade of red and have always said that some day I would have one. I finally decided that when I lost my dear Brady in the spring of 2009, he was a dark yellow or light fox red, it was time to get my Fox Red. Of course I knew I wanted a very dark red and had that shade in mind. I had read about Wynfaul Tabasco in my Labrador books and I had seen pictures of Balrion Red Alert and Kelleygreens Kardinal.
I had seen some of Keepsakes Reds at dog shows and with that I contacted Judy from Keepsake Labradors and purchased my first Fox Red, which is Keepsake’s Red Rumor At Asklar (Roody).
I am very excited to have Roody here at Asklar and thank Judy and Josh of Keepsake for helping make that happen and allowing Roody to come and live here at Asklar. He has become an important and loving part of my breeding program. I wish to keep this wonderful shade of yellow in my program and have a new project to be proud of and work to strengthen and keep the red shade, our oldest and original shade of yellow Labradors.


Reggie joined the Asklar team in December 2018, we are very excited to have another handsome red boy here at Asklar, Reggie is pretty laid back but will also get very excited to participate in anything we ask him to. We hope to have puppies from him in 2020.


Fergie is out of our Carly and Simon, she is full of life and is a very dark red, we are excited to see how she grows and produces here at Asklar.


Scarlet is a beautiful red girl, she is very sweet, she is another wonderful addition here at Asklar. She is pregnant to have puppies Feb 2020. Sire is our Ryder.


Candy another red girl here at Asklar ,her dad is our Red boy Simon and her mom is our Crimson, Candy is a very dark red and  she has a very fun loving personally, she is alot like her mom Crimson, she will be getting her final clearances done soon, and if all goes well… Read more »


Asklar’s Red Dawn, is another keeper from 2016, her mom is our Canada and her dad is our Simon, Dawn is beautifully put together, we are so excited that we repeated this litter for 2017, Dawn is maturing very nicely,some informal pictures added Jan 2018. She will be bred for fall 2018.


Carly another one of our  beautiful Red girls, Carly came from our friends at Keepsake (Judy and Josh) who have been breeding reds for a very long time, we are very happy to have Carly join our team of reds, she is very loving and is a very dark red girl, we are excited to… Read more »


We added a few new puppies to our kennel in 2016 and Ryder was one of them, Ryder is going to take over for our Red Roody Boy, Roody is retiring this year, and we think Ryder is a great choice, from the day I set eyes on Ryder it was true love, this guy… Read more »




Reba, named after the famous red headed singer, is a very sweet red who loves to cuddle and be by your side every moment. Our plans are to finish her clearances and hopefully breed her to our red boy Roody. They should be beautiful calm puppies.Reba retired Dec 2017.She is in her retired forever home…. Read more »


Canada is out of our Red Boy (Roody) and one of our red girls( Crimson), she is a fun girl with lots of personality, she loves to play and is a dark red like her parents. Canada will have her last litter in 2017 and then she will be retiring and looking for her forever… Read more »