Chilly Dog Coats


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Great White North Coat
Product Description

The Great White North™ coat is designed maximum warmth, durability and safety in mind. All of our coats are Canadian made and feature an “Easy On, Easy Off” design. The coat is simply slipped over the dog’s head, then the “Y” shaped belly panel is pulled down and back between the front legs, then pulled up over the dog’s back where the buckles are fastened and the webbing is adjusted.

Temperature Guide: -10°C to -30°C / 14°F to -22°F

CanadaSkillfully designed and manufactured in Canada.
Denier100% Waterproof & Windproof polyurethane coated outer shell. Not PVC nylon. Breathable, durable and machine washable.
Fleece12oz Canadian made, non-pilling polar fleece. Breathable, durable and machine washable. Non-absorbent and quick drying.
ScotchliteReflective 3M Scotchlite® piping accents for night visibility and safety.
Webbing & BuckleMilitary grade buckle and adjustable webbing system is durable in cold and wet conditions.
Hook & LoopHook & Loop, used to fasten the wide belly panel to the body of the coat. This ensures a secure and adjustable fit. Quick to fasten/adjust.
LoopHanging loop for storage purposes. This loop is not for the tail!
Harbor Slicker
Product Description

The Harbour Slicker™ is a protective shell-jacket designed to keep dogs clean and dry all year-round. The Harbour Slicker is a highly versatile option for any breed. It is waterproof and breathable. Its high coverage chest panel protects against mud, rain and slush. Our popular Y-shaped chest panel goes between the front legs and clips up in the back, no need to fuss with the feet! A great option for thick-coated breeds who only need a little extra protection during the cold winter months. The reflective 3M Scotchlite™ piping increases visibility in low-light conditions, as well as a reflective hanging loop for easy storage.

Your solution for that wet doggy smell!

Our high quality nylon is supple and quiet (non-crinkling).

Pair with a Chilly Sweater for an adaptable combination during changing conditions.

Apline Blazer
Product Description

This sporty, tailored three-season Alpine Blazer offers versatile protection suitable for most dogs in varying climates. Lightweight and breathable micro fleece lining provides warmth during those cold, rainy days while the waterproof and windproof shell protects from snow and rain. This coat features  buckle closure system with a high-coverage belly panel to protect your dog against mud and slush. Reflective 3M Scotchlite™ piping increases safety and visibility on late-night walks.

The Alpine Blazer is designed for all dog types and is ideal for spring, fall, and milder winter climates.   It is also an excellent option for thick-coated breeds in colder weather.

Temperature Guide (Approximate): -10°C to 10°C / 15°F to 50

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