For some of you that know and for June’s past clients that are still looking and wondering if Corhampton kennels and June are still in operation, Let me explain 

June Onda merged with Asklar kennels in 2004 and then in 2008 June fully retired, But it hasn’t stopped there Corhampton dogs and lineage still exists and continues at Asklar. June passed away Sept 2013 and I and the Labrador community lost a tremendous voice for our beloved Labradors. Please take a minute to read a tribute to June Onda.

June and I were best friends for years and we strive on the same values and passion with our beloved Labradors. 

Before her passing, June and her husband John retired and resided in Wasaga Beach. I am still owned by two lovely retired Labradors who were the Love of both their lives and gave them a reason to keep living young. 

I don’t think a day went by that June and I didn’t have a conversation about the labs and talk Breedings which sometimes as my husband says gets me into trouble especially on my blacks which I tend to be a little tempted to keep too many. Many of my friends and clients say to me, well I can see you have your yellows and chocolates in control but what happened to the blacks, most your kennel is black. I just smile and say yes I love all my labs but there’s just something about the blacks. 

Anyway, with June’s permission prior to her passing, I have decided that I would like to have a section on updates on June’s passion and memories of Corhampton. 

I also want to welcome any of June’s past clients and friends to visit this page as many times as you would like and call me or e-mail me just to talk dogs or to begin a new relationship with Asklar Kennels and keep on enjoying the breed June and I love so deeply. I would be more than happy to help you in anyway so please feel free to contact me. I am blessed to have had a friend like June Onda.She is survived by her daughter Kathy (Mike), daughter Valerie (Les), six grandchildren and three great grandchildren. She touched many lives and will truly be missed by all. John her husband passed away in Sept 2015,

Yours in Labradors
Laurie Warvill (Asklar)