Axle, our beautiful black Grand Champion male pictured at 15 months, this beautiful black Labrador not only makes me smile, but makes me laugh. He is a big clown with a big heart, loves life and is ready for whatever we throw his way. A real boy with a soft side, Axle finished his Canadian Championship at 17 months and has Top awards here and in the USA. Another huge asset here at Asklar, we just love this boy. He is producing some beautiful puppies. Axle finished # 7 in Canada for 2013 and # 3 in Canada for 2014. We are so proud of our boy. Axle was finished he Grand Canadian Championship before he was 2. We have Axle’s son Jimmi and his daughter Jackie in our breeding program. We also have Tina another daughter, and a chocolate son called Mick. Axle will be retiring in 2020. Soon after retiring we lost our precious Axle to Cancer/Stroke. He will be in our hearts forever. We are so ever grateful to still have siblings here at Asklar. You will always be with us through your children, we are blessed. We miss you so much big guy.