We have worked very hard to maintain what a Labrador should be, and most important of all, that they all have the best temperament—that’s what a true Labrador should always have .

You will just fall in love with a loyal, lovable, happy Labrador boy. At ASKLAR, our boys are full of life, love and all are extremely happy. They are people dogs and are most happy with their owners. They have a strong desire to please and love to spend every moment with you no matter what you are doing. They are an excellent choice for first time dog owners. We offer stud service to approved Labrador females.

They are truly MANS BEST FRIEND.


Axle, our beautiful black Grand Champion male pictured at 15 months, this beautiful black Labrador not only makes me smile, but makes me laugh. He is a big clown with a big heart, loves life and is ready for whatever we throw his way. A real boy with a soft side, Axle finished his Canadian… Read more »


Our big boy Gus is a dark yellow boy, full of life and loves to please. Although we have not yet used him for field work, we know he would do it well and be happy to bring you that bird. He loves to play and has also started to show. He is producing beautiful… Read more »